Extemp curriculum

Our extemp curriculum teaches you how to form your own opinions about today’s news — and tomorrow’s. Through our institute, we teach students to build your own analytic toolbox. Our curriculum is based on principles: we teach economics, international relations, political theory, current trends in opinion tracking, comparative study of governments, and political philosophy. We then show you how to use this material to understand the world. You’ll learn how to make new ideas based on old ones, and to introduce them with clarity and precision into your speaking. We don’t teach you how to read articles in Foreign Affairs and the Economist. We teach how to write them. NSF makes you, not your files, your most important analytic tool. Most extempers spend half their prep time figuring out their answer to the question; our extempers know how to answer their question before they even choose it from the draw table.



unique perspectives and interactive activities

Understand the life of a farmer in the developing world through a high stakes simulation game.  Experience income inequality in America with a rigged game of Monopoly.  Discover why American intervention failed in Iraq with a role playing game that casts you as an army general.  Our curriculum is more than just lecture; it teaches students to see beyond the world through new eyes and deliver unique analysis that stands out in the most competitive rounds.

customized instruction

Our extemp curriculum is not a one-size-fits-all experience.  Based on a one-on-one session with lab leaders, students will identify strengths and weaknesses and set goals for success on the first day of camp.  Lab leaders develop customized drills based on student needs, and continuously adjust instruction based on practice results.

proven track record

Curriculum is designed by coaches with proven results at NSDA Nationals, Harvard, and Tournament of Champions.  In addition to being coaches, they are classroom teachers who know how to deliver engaging, accessible lessons.  Junior staff are recent high school graduates who have won awards at major national tournaments.  This combination ensures that students learn the most recent trends in competition, and receive practical advice that will help them succeed.